[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Listen to Harpist Natalie Lurie’s ‘No Mercy in the Night’ EP

"Natalie Lurie’s love of the harp has taken her across the globe: Jerusalem, France, Switzerland, and, currently, Nashville. Lurie takes the elements of her globe-trotting studies and combines them with graceful pop songwriting to craft sprightly musical journeys. We’re proud to premiere her new EP, No Mercy In The Night, ahead of its release on March 25.

Lurie’s compositions slowly bloom, revealing subtle new melodies, rhythms, and lyrical enchantments. Repetition and atmosphere reign over the No Mercy In The Night EP; Friday night hype music, this is not. Pair it with some wine and headphones to savor Lurie’s harp and knack for detail. Upon repeat listens, these tracks reveal new paths and alcoves to explore."

No Country for New Nashville

Huffington Post Premieres Music Video for "No Mercy in the Night"

"Finding a classical harp in a Nashville honky tonk is about as likely as hearing Arthur Marx speak in a movie. But while the slapstick mime known as Harpo successfully brought the instrument some well-deserved respect and a touch of class to classic comedy as one of the fab four Marx Brothers, Natalie Lurie is dead serious about getting the harp heard in more of the Music City's popular music venues. With some strings attached, of course. 

Based in Nashville since the fall of 2013, the 25-year-old pop singer-songwriter who grew up in Boston will release her gorgeous debut EP No Mercy in the Nighton March 25, officially introducing the world to the glory of her stunning sound."

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Paste Magazine: 5 Harpists Who Really Nail Experimental Pop Music

"Natalie Lurie, a classically trained harpist living in Nashville, takes all of the Music City's charms and guiles to heart on her debut EP, No Mercy In The Night. Due out March 25, the four tracks fall clearly in line with indie-pop, bringing attention to the harp in verses and expanding the sonic reach with each brimming chorus. Yet, taking head from the traditional path, Lurie will move to London to earn a master's degree in harp performance at the Royal Academy of Music after releasing this EP."

Paste Magazine

Natalie Lurie Reshapes the Harp on “No Mercy in the Night”

"It’s always exciting to see someone pushing the predefined notions and boundaries of an instrument. It’s this commitment to progress and shared vision that has seen an explosion of musical genre blending in recent years. Natalie Lurie is playing out her part in the vast musical landscape by redefining the harp.

An extremely accomplished classical harpist, Natalie exhibited excellence in her craft from a young age, earning her a place of study under some of the world’s most elite harpists – Susan McDonald, Isabelle Moretti, and Park Stickney to name just a few. While many would continue on the set trajectory of those before her, Natalie has asserted broader ambitions. Much like Joanna Newsom, she has set out to reconceptualize what a harp is capable of in pop culture. It’s no small task, but she certainly has the chops to pull it off.

In addition to the inherent classical presence of “No Mercy in the Night”, you can also grasp elements of Bon Iver’s delicate songwriting style and the soaring vocals of Florence Welch. It takes no stretch of the imagination to see her debut EP No Mercy in the Night becoming an overnight success. With that sudden success, you’d have to expect that slowly the world will readily accept the harp as more than solely a fixture in classical music.

Natalie Lurie’s debut EP is set for release on March 25. Until then, feel free to play the single on loop."

Milk Crater

"No Mercy In The Night is gentle, delicate and full of pop charm" - Songwriting Magazine

"If you’re one for convention then you’ll be surprised by what Nashville-based Lurie has to offer on this harmonious release.

Natalie Lurie is a Nashville-based songwriter with a style that’s a little different to what you might be expecting. Taking the harp as her weapon of choice, her brand of indie-pop is closer to the work of Joanna Newsom than Willie Nelson. 

Beginning with twinkling finger-picking and controlled vocals, No Mercy In The Night takes pity on your ears. It’s gentle, delicate and – like the work of indie’s most renowned harpist – full of pop charm. Unlike Newsom, though, Lurie is unabashed in her happiness to be occupying a radio-friendly territory.

There’s a real grace and effortlessness to Lurie’s songwriting; nothing is forced about No Mercy In The Night and it will catch your ear with complete ease. Sitting firmly in the poppier camp of indie, this is a song in which you’ll find much to like, if your poison is melody and harmony."

Songwriting Magazine UK


East of 8th: Exclusive Premiere "No Mercy in the Night"

"The EP, a heart-wrenching collection of songs that document a trying time in Lurie’s life, outlines a difficult relationship, as well as the strain that it placed on her relationship with friends and family.  The emotive title track, “No Mercy In The Night”, beautifully showcases Lurie’s celestial vocals against shimmering harp-flavored indie pop."

East of 8th