Natalie Lurie Reshapes the Harp on “No Mercy in the Night”

"It’s always exciting to see someone pushing the predefined notions and boundaries of an instrument. It’s this commitment to progress and shared vision that has seen an explosion of musical genre blending in recent years. Natalie Lurie is playing out her part in the vast musical landscape by redefining the harp.

An extremely accomplished classical harpist, Natalie exhibited excellence in her craft from a young age, earning her a place of study under some of the world’s most elite harpists – Susan McDonald, Isabelle Moretti, and Park Stickney to name just a few. While many would continue on the set trajectory of those before her, Natalie has asserted broader ambitions. Much like Joanna Newsom, she has set out to reconceptualize what a harp is capable of in pop culture. It’s no small task, but she certainly has the chops to pull it off.

In addition to the inherent classical presence of “No Mercy in the Night”, you can also grasp elements of Bon Iver’s delicate songwriting style and the soaring vocals of Florence Welch. It takes no stretch of the imagination to see her debut EP No Mercy in the Night becoming an overnight success. With that sudden success, you’d have to expect that slowly the world will readily accept the harp as more than solely a fixture in classical music.

Natalie Lurie’s debut EP is set for release on March 25. Until then, feel free to play the single on loop."

Milk Crater